Construction et rénovation EML
For exterior renovations done right... contact us!

Your home is in need of outdoor renovations ?

Construction and Renovation EML is your partner in outdoor renovations !

A patio, a deck or a wooden fence ? A shed, a pergola or a shelter over the spa ? Whatever your outdoor work to be undertaken, we will be pleased to execute it to your complete satisfaction.

Construction and Renovation EML wil take care of this !

Arrange a patio

and fully enjoy your backyard!

Arrange a terrace

and fully enjoy your backyard!

Elevate a shelter

for your spa and enjoy it throughout the whole year!

A patio or a terrace created accordingly to all your desires becomes an extension to your house. Your transformed backyard will be an ideal place to have outdoor dinners or parties during the sweet summer season.

Construction and Renovation EML offers a wide range of possibilities to organize your home. Choose to have wooden or an aluminium deck that will suit your requirements to share a meal with friends and family. Decks and terraces EML!

Why would you only use your spa during the summer when you can take advantage of it all year with a spa shelter! Call Construction and Renovation EML and elevate a shelter in your backyard or modify your deck at the same time!

Your yard needs a little bit of refining ?

Book early to get your FREE evaluation and fully enjoy every summer day in your oasis of happiness!

Our backyard! We all dream of our little corner of paradise,
our oasis of happiness when the summer rays start to show.

Your doors and windows need to be replaced?
Construction and Renovation EML is there for you!

Replace your doors and windows

and optimize your heating costs!

Arrange a pergola

to embellish your patio / terrace!

Erect a shed

and protect your seasonal accessories!

You’re always having problems putting the sealing plastic on your doors and windows during winter time? You have to wear socks when you are near your patio door? Optimize and reduce your heating costs with our team.

Choose to build a pergola and enjoy its looks. Neighbours will talk about it. Your have the green thumb and love flowers? A pergola is the ideal support for your hanging baskets and your climbing plants.

You have purchased a lawn tractor or an ATV? Looking for a place to park the garden furniture during winter time? You can’t get rid of certain items? A shed is the solution!