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Your home needs needs interior renovations?

For a quality job well done, we are your partner that will execute all your renovation projects!

You have plans, concepts and ideas to redo your kitchen, your bathroom, your bathroom, to finish the basement, install a decorative stone wall or add a bedroom?

Construction and Renovation EML is your professional!

Give another life

to you hardwood floors!

Change your floors

to maximize your investment!

Customize your kitchen

to your needs and cook like a Chef!

Ecological and economic, hardwood floor sanding achieved by our true artisans extends the life of your parquetry due to the equipment and methods used. Call our master sanders to restore the beauty of your surface.

Ceramic, hardwood, laminated flooring and other flooring, we’re here for you and our priority at Construction and Renovation EML is...


Rediscover the pleasures of cooking in a brand new kitchen. Our renovation team will adapt your new workspace accordingly to your plans. Achieve the impossible with the expertise of Construction and Renovation EML.

Your house badly needs a new look?

Construction and Renovation EML is the solution to all your projects, additions, renovations and rejuvenation

You just bought a new house and you would love to make additions to further customize your home?
The additional costs proposed by the builder are exorbitant? Call us for a FREE estimate.
You will be surprised by our proposals! You told yourself that you would do renovations someday, when you’ll have time but haven’t found some yet? We are here to realize your projects!

Restore your bathroom

to appreciate the small moments in life!

Arrange your basement

as you like and for your well-being!

Cover a stone wall

in the house for a trendy look!

Construction and Renovation EML offers a turnkey solution that will transform your bathroom into an oasis of peace and relaxation.

Dreaming of a rain shower, Mexican style?

The rooms on the upper floors are no longer enough? Children’s toys invade all the space? To greet your guests has become a daunting task? Then, transform your basement to suit your needs. Each room will have its uses.

Enjoy the experience EML to change the visual appearance of some parts of your house using fake natural stones and enjoy your new surroundings! Find yourself in a new trendy look in the comfort of your home. A job well done…which will make all the difference!